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Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness

Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness

  • Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness
  • Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness
Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness
Product Details:
Place of Origin: An Ping China
Brand Name: Chang Feng
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 9009-56-8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 rolls
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Woven bag
Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Air Filter Mesh Plate Thickness (mm): 0.6mm
MOQ: 10 Rolls Processing Service: Bending,
Machinery Test Report: Provided Packing: Woven Bag
Surface Treatment: Galvanized Plated Material: Copper Plate
Use: Filter Protective Net Support Application: Decoration, Child Seat, Basket, Basket And Highway Protection
High Light:

2 × 25 mm air filter mesh


0.6mm thickness air filter mesh

2 × 25 Mm Copper Plate Perforated Filter Screen Air Filter Mesh


1. Product introduction



  The steel plate tensile mesh is named according to the material selected for the tensile mesh. For example, the stainless steel tensile mesh is called the stainless steel tensile mesh, the aluminum alloy tensile mesh is called the aluminum plate tensile mesh, and the low carbon steel tensile mesh is called the low carbon steel tensile mesh. The steel plate tensile mesh belongs to both the steel plate mesh series and the tensile mesh series.



2. Parameter table


LWD(mm) SWD(mm) Strand Width Strand Gauge %Free Area Approx.Kg/m2
6.05 3.38 0.5 0.8 50 2.1
10.24 5.84 0.5 0.8 75 1.2
10.24 5.84 0.9 1.2 65 3.2
3.80 2.10 0.8 0.6 46 2.1
14.20 4.80 1.8 0.9 52 3.3
24.40 7.10 2.4 1.1 57 3.4
23.20 5.80 3.2 1.5 43 6.3
32.70 10.90 3.2 1.5 59 4
33.50 12.40 2.3 1.1 71 2.5
42.90 14.20 4.6 2.7 58 8.6
39.10 18.30 4.7 2.7 60 7.6
43.20 17.08 3.2 1.5 69 3.2
69.80 37.10 5.5 2.1 75 3.9


3. matters needing attention


  It is mainly used for civil construction, cement batch, mechanical equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-grade speaker net cover. Highway guardrail, stadium fence, road green belt protective net. Heavy steel plate mesh can be used for pedal mesh of oil tank truck, working platform, escalator and walkway of heavy machinery, boiler, oil mine well, locomotive, 10000 ton ship, etc. It can also be used as reinforcement in construction industry, highway and bridge. Now, due to the further improvement of science and technology, steel mesh can not only be processed on metal plate, but also on paper. It is a good material for paper filter element products.


4. Product advantages


1. High pressure, good straightness, stainless steel, without any burr, long service life.

2. It is made of steel plate by stamping and stretching; It is divided into steel mesh and stainless steel mesh; Beautiful and generous, firm and durable.

3. Steel mesh for slope protection has the advantages of high tensile strength, firm overall structure, light weight, convenient construction and low price.

4. The steel mesh for slope protection adopts 100 knife light steel mesh. The surface of the steel mesh is composed of uniform diamond mesh. The metal wire stems constituting the diamond mesh are overlapped and connected up and down. The surface is fish scale shaped, flat mesh surface, sprayed with Red Antirust Paint and placed in a cylindrical state

5. The special steel plate mesh for ceiling is a kind of metal plate mesh. The metal plates of various materials are cut by professional machinery to expand the length of the original steel plate to several times to dozens of times. It also increases the strength and hardness of the steel plate and reduces its own weight. The air can flow through the mesh without waste and reduces the cost.


5.Packing method


  Due to the large area of steel mesh, it is not as easy to pack as ordinary goods. It needs a series of processes. The following four steps are the whole process of steel mesh packaging. 1. Fabrication of steel plate mesh: make the skid frame in the population section of the chain conveyor: place the corresponding number and size of longitudinal and transverse beams on the chain frame according to the packaging specifications, and then operate the pneumatic nailing machine to fix them. According to the requirements of packaging form, when the side wooden frame is transported forward, the bottom plate and packaging paper can be placed, and the bottom plate can be moved manually, The wrapping paper is fed by the top paper distributor, cut and laid. 2. Placing steel mesh: the skid frame is transported forward to the lifting position of the transportation training frame, waiting for the steel mesh to be placed. The steel mesh is lifted out of the roller table by the disaster Tong through the half stack taking out device, and transferred horizontally to the skid frame for placement. 3. The steel mesh shall be bundled. The steel mesh shall be transported to the downstream working position, wrapped with paper, covered with panels and manually inserted into the side guard plate in sequence, and then the semi-automatic baler shall be operated for transverse and longitudinal bundling. 4. Steel mesh bearing, labeling and warehousing. The bundled plate package is transferred to the side plate transport chain, the quality is weighed by the digital load-bearing device, and the quality data is input into the printer and communicated with the production management computer The product label is printed together with the production data of the steel plate mesh, and the plate package can be transported to the warehouse after being labeled.


6. Production process


  Punching mesh cutting and trimming: according to different specifications customized by customers, we also need to cut it into the standard size required by customers after production. If the plate edge in the manufacturing process exceeds the tolerance range required by you, our skilled technicians can help you remove the excess edge according to your requirements. Surface treatment of punching mesh: in addition, punching mesh products are widely used in all walks of life, such as decoration, protection, heat dissipation, sound insulation, anti-skid and ventilation. These industries also need to do some anti-corrosion, anti rust and beautiful treatment on the product surface. It has reached everyone's aesthetic view.



Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness 0Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness 1Copper Plate Perforated 2 × 25 Mm Air Filter Mesh Screen 0.6mm Thickness 2



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